Life is movement and change, search and discovery.
Traveling, dimly aware of direction and goals, but unsure where we’re really going.
Are we searching for the perfect world outside of us, or simply going home?
Not to a childhood home, but a place that lives and grows deep within us.
A home distant from our everyday lives, yet more familiar and satisfying than any we remember.

There are voices within us, waiting to be heard.
Listen in the stillness and begin the journey.
Extract a brief moment from your day, fill it with an ache to discover, and stir with imagination.
But it’s easy to lose your way on the path to wonder.

We touch miracles, but abandon them when it’s time to wake.
Afraid to be different, we laugh at our visions and dismiss what our heart sees.
Then, imagination returns and overpowers us.
It strikes the hard ground of the ordinary, raises sparks of daydreams, and takes us on a ship of fire to other worlds.

Which is more real?
The life we know or the magical places we touch?
Do we create worlds of possibility, or look through a door and discover a distant reality?
There are legends of dreamers who pass through those doors, die to their old lives, and never return.
We can only imagine what they find there.

Traveling Home -- 1: WatchtowerNext Story
  1. Prologue
  2. Island and Tower
  3. Healing Room
  4. Watchtower Floorplan
  5. Tzina’s Laugh
  6. Dream Room
  7. Storm and Stone
  8. Sweet Music
  9. Memories and Breakfast
  10. History and Change
  11. Dreaming and Weaving
  12. Hungry for Lightning

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