Stardust Rising

  The Cave We glide quickly through the spinning, sparkling tunnel that leads from the Seven Towers to Siksa. An energy shield surrounds us and protects us from the wild energies of the tunnel, and whatever dangers we may find at tunnel’s end.

“Are you mad at me, Yagrin?” asks Dilasa, as she touches my […]

Childish Wisdom

  No Return Makish, Dilasa, and I stand naked in the transition chamber as it fills with warm seawater. The only sounds we hear are the movement of the water, and our breathing.

The three of us seem helpless as we stand here, but we can all bend the energy web to our will. Even […]

Sword, Sheath, and Shield

  Families Makish and I land on the deck of the Watchtower outside the healing room. As I walk through the door, Tzina hugs me tightly.

“I missed you so much, ina,” she says.

I smile at her. “I was only gone for a day!”

“I know,” she says, “but I was lost in my […]

The Warrior and the Dreamer

  Stealing Her Thoughts Tzina is dying. I transform myself into Tzina’s exact form, fire eyes and all. Then I spread my listening body. This lets me see and feel someone’s thoughts, feelings, and memories.

Shazira has never seen anyone do this. Flow masters, like Shazira, use masks to change their shape, but never take […]

Lessons and Betrayal

  Twin Visions The brief contact with the Jiku sphere of mirrors takes my strength. I feel the smooth stone under my Jiku body, as my awareness returns to the marketplace, but only for a moment, just before I collapse. I sleep, but without peace. A vision comes and takes me.

I fly quickly through […]