Into the Storm

  Action The storm covers me, as I hover alone far above the ground, safe within my shield. I smile with pleasure as lightning bursts all around me, every few seconds. There’s no fear, only a feeling of kinship with the wild forces playing in the sky. I stay in one place for a few […]

Birth of the Balancer

  Fountain of Light A round crystal table, red and gold, is spread with food – fish, fruits, and vegetables. We sit for a meal, and Mayla tells us more about the city. When we finish, she hands us communication disks.

“The disks display maps of the city,” she says, “and an index of different […]

Far Away

  Last Vat Keela and Chiwan walk with me through the clearing, with the hills of Tshuan high around us. The warm, moist climate nourishes the hills like a caring mother, and fills them with life.

Wicol, thick, and deep green, rises along the hills. Later in the year, each plant will blossom with dozens […]