Lost Courage

An Honorable Death
I leave Siksa and my family, again.
Only Balshown is with me on the ship, and he is too quiet, lost in his thoughts.
We pass unnoticed through the atmosphere, and accelerate past Siksa’s moon.
Soon, we’ll be at a safe distance from the planet, where we can engage the star drive.

Balshown watches the view-screen until Siksa is out of sight.
“Why are we here, Yagrin?” he asks, breaking the silence.
“This ship is fast, but it will still take us weeks to reach my world.”
“You’re a PathFinder!”
“Open a gate, give me back … Read more

Traveling Alone

I watch the drifting clouds through the window of the cafe, barely aware of Shazira near me.
The food is long finished, but still, we sit.
There is little talk, with our heads full of the coming test.

Tzina comes running in to find us, more excited than I’ve ever seen her.

“He’s here, ina.”
“He’s here!”

Balshown has come to the Watchtower to meet my family.
He’s the oldest master in the guilds, and the most powerful.
There are many stories about him, but only he knows where truth ends, and fiction begins.

Shazira is nervous about … Read more

Fears and Legends

Fear and Exile
The air is filled with sound today, a strange hum.
I mention it to Shazira when she wakes, but she hears nothing.
The sound waits in the background during the greeting.
Then it follows me around the Watchtower as I get ready for the day.
It’s a pleasant companion, not dark or grim, but so far, only for my ears.

I tell Balshown about it when I reach his house.
We sit.
He closes his eyes and listens intently.

“I hear nothing,Yagrin, but I see a strange pattern of energy pulsing around you.”
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Master and Apprentice

Sleep and I are old friends.
On other nights, I fall asleep easily, and little disturbs my sleep.
Tonight, sleep comes and goes.
I wake often, waiting for morning, and the start of my training.

I feel dull and clumsy when morning finally comes, and I begin the greeting of the light.
Soon, I find the rhythm.
After, I eat a quick breakfast with Shazira and Tzina.
We are all quiet, thinking of what will happen to our family if the training is not enough, and I fail my tests.

“Should I fly to Balshown’s house with you?” … Read more