Children of War

  Forever Young Berek and I wear the same style party robes, but in different colors. I’m not used to so much color, but it’s common in Tshuan.

This elegant pattern of cobalt blue, gold, and black caught me, the moment I first saw it. The fabric weighs almost nothing.

Why am I here at […]


  Burdens My body is as light as the wind, as we race through the sky. The Krale are gone, and the Bizra will soon return to these skies and the streets of our cities.

The world feels endless, rich with freedom and possibility. Until thoughts of the future return, and weigh me down.

The […]


  A Call for Help The tower is quiet without Shazira. She sits most of the day at her parent’s house, holding Tzina’s hand, and wonders where hope has gone. Tzina slips toward death, already empty, her spirit gone.

Shazira’s parents are silent around me. They disliked the old Yagrin, and they like me even […]

A Quiet Storm

  Silence Tzina and I approach the Blue Room, the room of art, music, and story. She stops and turns to me. “Ina, your tests are in a few hours.” “Shouldn’t you be practicing?”

“I’m done with practice, Tzina.” “Tell me about your friend Berek.”

“Ina,” she says, “I shouldn’t have mentioned him to you.” […]

History and Change

  Shaken Late in the evening, the Watchtower is quiet, and I come out of hiding. Most of the visitors are gone now. A few stay overnight, sleeping on soft mats in the white and violet rooms, but it’s easy enough to avoid them.

So many of the people I meet are filled with hatred […]