Dragon Stone Siksa is rich with a beautiful, dark blue crystal called ensai, that glows softly in the dark. On land, the greatest concentration of the stone is in Bizra territory, under the meadows where the Bizra lived for centuries. In the ocean, the most visible deposit of ensai is found in three undersea […]


  Fugitives The yellow message light flashes slowly in Shazira’s room. It’s two inches wide, and is surrounded with a white circle that blinks rapidly on and off. The circle indicates a secure message, and the rapid blinking means that it’s urgent. The caller’s location and identity are unspecified, but who else could it be? […]

Maze of Time

  Danger I wake Shazira and the children, hours before first sun, to begin the trip home. The building is quiet, except for a few guards who greet us as we move through the halls.

Makish and Chiwan will stay here, for now, to watch over the sisters.

The outer doorway is sealed when we […]

Stories and Mirrors

  Shields and Mirrors The old Krale are gone, but will new ones be born tomorrow? I rise again to the top of the dome, and look at the scene below with energy eyes. A silver energy shell spins around each Bizra. The shell is made of twelve silver disks, that move independently. These are […]

The Heart and the River

  The Dome of Dreams I turn, and leap into the darkness.

Night whispers to me, and challenges me to stay awake. I run into the meadow, and fly in a spiral, five hundred feet high. The meadow below me extends for miles, and sleeping Bizra fill the meadow. There are thousands, or millions of […]

Endless Change

  One Solution The Bizra move away from us in a great synchronized wave, like a wind moving a field of flowers. They leave the sand behind, going deep into the meadow.

“How do we heal their nightmares?” asks Shazira.

“We can’t,” says Ehraval, behind us. “The Bizra hearts and minds are sealed tightly […]

Cruelty and Compassion

  The Glow Shortly before sunrise, light seeps across the horizon, and I awake to a soft scurrying sound. Shazira is on watch, somewhere along the beach, out of sight. The rest of the circle is sleeping, everyone but Ehraval, who doesn’t sleep.

I stand up in alarm, and Shazira comes near. The sand around […]

Hidden Dreams

  Hidden The Kishla are strange creatures, caught between the physical and energy worlds. Their eyes see well in day or night, and their vision is always half-focused on the energy web.

Time feels different to us while we wear this form. The waves seem endless on the ocean beneath us, as we fly. Hours […]


  A Call for Help The tower is quiet without Shazira. She sits most of the day at her parent’s house, holding Tzina’s hand, and wonders where hope has gone. Tzina slips toward death, already empty, her spirit gone.

Shazira’s parents are silent around me. They disliked the old Yagrin, and they like me even […]

Broken Dreams

  Broken I’m frozen, as I stare at the red eyes of the approaching Krale, a vicious expression on its hard stone face. This time, facing the Krale, Berek finds his voice, and screams an inhuman scream. The sound wakes me from my fear and paralysis.

I feel a storm inside me, wild energy flashing […]