Dragon Stone Siksa is rich with a beautiful, dark blue crystal called ensai, that glows softly in the dark. On land, the greatest concentration of the stone is in Bizra territory, under the meadows where the Bizra lived for centuries. In the ocean, the most visible deposit of ensai is found in three undersea […]

Songs of Change

  Home I hear the voices of my family around me, but the world spins wildly, even with my eyes closed. “He’s waking up,” says Tzina.

Finally, the dizziness clears, and I open my eyes. Dilasa jumps on my lap and hugs me. “Did the cubes help you escape from the dream, ina?” she asks.


Stardust Rising

  The Cave We glide quickly through the spinning, sparkling tunnel that leads from the Seven Towers to Siksa. An energy shield surrounds us and protects us from the wild energies of the tunnel, and whatever dangers we may find at tunnel’s end.

“Are you mad at me, Yagrin?” asks Dilasa, as she touches my […]


  A New Vision I have no flesh, but I still taste the sweet light of the sun. The sun’s energy fills me with great waves of color, and the rhythms of the energy’s ebb and flow come to me as music. The sparks of my strength rise into a great fire, and the Feldin […]

Stone Rising

  The Eighth Hill My Jiku eyes adjust quickly to the bright sunlight. It’s wonderful to see the sky again, and this open, endless world, but I turn my attention back to freeing the old ones. They don’t have much time.

I scan the hills around me, looking for a place to grow another hill.


Walls of Light

  Rain My Bizra body is so far away. I see it floating in the vat, but I can’t reach it.

When I was an old one, it was easy to wake up from the vat. Not this time.

I hear Niyta calling me, and I start to feel my body. My eyes won’t open, […]

The Warrior and the Dreamer

  Stealing Her Thoughts Tzina is dying. I transform myself into Tzina’s exact form, fire eyes and all. Then I spread my listening body. This lets me see and feel someone’s thoughts, feelings, and memories.

Shazira has never seen anyone do this. Flow masters, like Shazira, use masks to change their shape, but never take […]

Cruelty and Compassion

  The Glow Shortly before sunrise, light seeps across the horizon, and I awake to a soft scurrying sound. Shazira is on watch, somewhere along the beach, out of sight. The rest of the circle is sleeping, everyone but Ehraval, who doesn’t sleep.

I stand up in alarm, and Shazira comes near. The sand around […]


  A Call for Help The tower is quiet without Shazira. She sits most of the day at her parent’s house, holding Tzina’s hand, and wonders where hope has gone. Tzina slips toward death, already empty, her spirit gone.

Shazira’s parents are silent around me. They disliked the old Yagrin, and they like me even […]

Golden Eyes

  Guild Circles Two days after moonwatch, Shazira sends me out of the Watchtower. “The guilds will never follow you, Yagrin, unless they know you.” “Go meet them.”

I spend two days in the city, in the marketplace, the parks, and the guild halls. I’ve spent time with the healers, teaching the thunder voice, but […]