Shadow of Life and Death

  Blessings The corridor outside the transition chamber is small, and dark. In regular light, the queen’s glow is barely visible, but here, in the dim light, strong rays of colored light shine from the queen’s head and tentacles.

Keesha, Makish, the captain, and two senior officers meet us in the corridor. They are here […]

Forest – Hunting Strength

  Five Days Light wind to tame the heat, and a clear sky. A good day.

This is the most important hunt of my life. It comes to all boys at the age of fourteen suns.

Five of us go to the low country, to hunt Vigla. We must bring home five spears or knives […]

Healing Room

  Music I awake and remember the dangerous shadows that clouded the full moon. The crystal, the blood, and the light.

My eyes are slow to open, and I wonder what world I’ll see.

In a moment I adjust to the light, and find myself still surrounded with the new world and its dream. Slowly, […]