Bound to Life

  The Living and the Dead I wake alone in the round, soft bed, surrounded by my childhood home. I’ve slept here for the last few days. It’s so strange and familiar at the same time.

Sleep slides away. I walk out onto the porch, and fill my lungs will the cool morning air. I […]

Last Dance

  Fountain My awareness spins as I leave the seven towers and my life as a Gen. Soon after, I awake in the small, cramped vat. My body has grown again, leaving my sisters, the old ones, behind.

The world is different after my time with the Gen. The future calls my name, and promises […]

Gen – Bonds of Love

  Fortress A cycle passes, away from the school and Vala. My desire to be Gen fills me, stronger and stronger, but I miss Vala even more.

Most students are told to wait a cycle between classes, but Vala said that I could return in three months. The months are long past, and I haven’t […]