Truth and Lies The message wall is covered with hundreds of clustered video links, categorized by the search AI with different colors, textures, brightness, size, shapes, and icons, to characterize the words and emotions within. New messages appear on the wall as I watch, and move toward the clusters where they belong.

The memories […]


  Illusions “I became the king that Benzu always wanted to be,” says Botzar, as the memories end.

“Why did you leave Makish behind when you became king?” I ask him.

Botzar glares at me. “The memory is finished, but the story isn’t complete.”

“When I left the silver falls, I didn’t know what to […]

Partners of War

  Chasing Botzar My mind is still linked with Makish. Her thoughts are a mess.

Her emotions rise and fall and spin. She’s nearly in shock.

“I can’t find him, Yagrin,” she sobs. “The stasis fields are gone, but there’s no trace of Botzar or B’tzel.” “Maybe they died long ago,” she says quietly, her […]

Councils of War

  Council Hall The guild council meets in a tall white building, with a flat, radiant black roof, that shines like a dark star in the center of Kirol city. Once, before the energy war, there were buildings like this in many lands, but this is the last of the council halls. They were shaped […]