Endless Change

  One Solution The Bizra move away from us in a great synchronized wave, like a wind moving a field of flowers. They leave the sand behind, going deep into the meadow.

“How do we heal their nightmares?” asks Shazira.

“We can’t,” says Ehraval, behind us. “The Bizra hearts and minds are sealed tightly […]

Gen – Bonds of Love

  Fortress A cycle passes, away from the school and Vala. My desire to be Gen fills me, stronger and stronger, but I miss Vala even more.

Most students are told to wait a cycle between classes, but Vala said that I could return in three months. The months are long past, and I haven’t […]


Life is movement and change, search and discovery. Traveling, dimly aware of direction and goals, but unsure where we’re really going. Are we searching for the perfect world outside of us, or simply going home? Not to a childhood home, but a place that lives and grows deep within us. A home distant from our […]