Children of War

Forever Young
Berek and I wear the same style party robes, but in different colors.
I’m not used to so much color, but it’s common in Tshuan.

This elegant pattern of cobalt blue, gold, and black caught me, the moment I first saw it.
The fabric weighs almost nothing.

Why am I here at this party?
To walk around in beautiful clothing?
To enjoy the king’s attention?

I’m here to help the sisters, and understand more about Tshuan, and what role it will play in the coming time of war.

Keela approaches me, looking troubled.
“How long until … Read more

Storms and Voices

Voice of the Storm
I sit quietly on an island and watch the waves and the clouds in the distance.
My perch is a ring of small hills, covered in green and flowers.
I learned of the island from the old ones.
It reminds me of the sacred hills in Tshuan, though the hills here are much smaller.
We are far from Tshuan, but long ago the kings would send their children here.
Age eleven is called the age of will.
At this age, a Jiku child can declare her desire to enter the guilds.
The Jiku believe … Read more