Reunion “Prince Ilaz!” says Siya, the director of the research center. She’s about seventy years old, middle age for the Jiku. “Director Siya, you’re still alive!” She laughs. “You know I’m not that old.” “I missed you.” “I haven’t seen you in over ten years.” “You stopped coming, and then I heard you were in a waking coma.” “I recovered.” “Sorry I never visited or messaged you.” “Do you have a hug for an old friend?” He hugs the older woman. “I never expected you to hang around here like you used to.” “You were a boy of fifteen when you last came here.” “When your strength returned, you were grown up.” “I wasn’t sure if you remembered your old life.” “I still love the sea,” he says, “but I’ve been busy with other things.” “And I’m not a prince anymore.” “The kingdom is gone.”

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