City of Life

  Life and Light “It’s time to show you the city,” says Mayla.

I hear the sound of crashing waves as an image fills the room: a small barren island, surrounded by sharp reefs.

“What do you see?” asks Mayla.

“The island that the city rests on,” answers Berek, “empty, as we saw it from […]


  The Call Balshown and Makish are quiet as we prepare for our journey to the city. Like me, they are full of their own thoughts.

We are outsiders, powerful energy masters full of a hunger to shape the future. Our hunger and strength set us apart from other Jiku, even the guilds, and bind […]

Fears and Legends

Fear and Exile The air is filled with sound today, a strange hum. I mention it to Shazira when she wakes, but she hears nothing. The sound waits in the background during the greeting. Then it follows me around the Watchtower as I get ready for the day. It’s a pleasant companion, not dark or […]