The Warrior and the Dreamer

  Stealing Her Thoughts Tzina is dying. I transform myself into Tzina’s exact form, fire eyes and all. Then I spread my listening body. This lets me see and feel someone’s thoughts, feelings, and memories. Shazira has never seen anyone do this. Flow masters, like Shazira, use masks to change their shape, but never take the form of other Jiku. It’s forbidden, too difficult, and too dangerous. I’m not using a temporary mask, or even a flow transformation. I dissolve my pattern body, and attach myself to a twin of her pattern body. “What are you doing, Yagrin?” “There’s no time to explain, Shazira.” “This is what I need to do, to save her.” “Watch over us, and don’t interfere.” I lay down next to Tzina, and take her hand. I’ve never knowingly done this with a living person before. I can see every thought, and feeling she’s ever had….

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