Colors of the Heart

A Free Heart   Late at night, the inside of the ship is quiet and dark, in the areas where the pilgrims sleep. The elders keep a close watch on the pilgrims, enforcing a rigid schedule, with an early bedtime.

The common rooms for the crew are bright and noisy, hours after the pilgrims have […]


  Pilgrims The spaceport near the capital city is called StarPath. It was designed by one of the empire’s leading architects, filled with curves and high ceilings.

Most of the waiting areas are underground, beneath the clusters of landing pads. The ships rise and rest quietly, through g-tech that allows them to manipulate gravity. The […]

Shadow of Life and Death

  Blessings The corridor outside the transition chamber is small, and dark. In regular light, the queen’s glow is barely visible, but here, in the dim light, strong rays of colored light shine from the queen’s head and tentacles.

Keesha, Makish, the captain, and two senior officers meet us in the corridor. They are here […]