Choosing Death

  The Deadly Sun A few days pass and the distribution of the inhibitors is complete. Chiwan, the healing master, joins them in their work. Just as he guided the sisters when they left their cave, so he guides the sleepers. He joins me when I reassemble the masters, to answer their questions about life […]

Strangers and their Gifts

  Unprepared “It’s going slowly, Berek,” says Keela. “We have no experience in manufacturing the carbon fibers.” “And we don’t have enough engineers to redesign the airships, weapons, and other devices to incorporate the material.”

“If only we had the shaping device that Mayla showed us,” thinks Berek. She never gave us plans for it, […]

Sweet Waters

  Traitors The emperor wakes early this morning, like every morning. Teyus spends seven hours in bed, but his sleep doesn’t bring him the rest he needs. He’s troubled almost every night by dreams of aliens destroying the homeworld. Teyus shakes off the fear and fatigue, and sits up. He reaches for a pitcher of […]