Sacrifice and Rebellion

  Keela and Ilaz We leave the shelter and return to the blue city. “Take us to the surface now, Yagrin,” says Niyta. “The Jiku need our help.”

“It’s dangerous there for the children.” “Leave them here with a few of the sisters.”

I turn to Hukal. “Can you contact your AIs?” “I need help […]

Long Way Home

  Alone I walk slowly, letting the crowd move past me toward the shuttle. Mayani takes my arm, and we stop. He pushes on my mind wall, and I drop it.

He gives me a series of three security codes.

Can you remember them?


Your identity has been authorized for full access to […]

Slavery and Death

  Little Clouds “Continue the training, Tzina,” I tell her. “It’s time for us to enter the network.”

“Not yet,” she answers, “but my fire twin will join you briefly for the next step.” Tzina and Shazira go back to their nests, and I send Berek away. I don’t want him to watch while I […]

Worlds Within Worlds

  Death The bed is hard, and my head aches as sleep leaves me. A groan escapes my lips. I can’t remember who I am, or how I got here. My heart beats quickly as fear takes hold of me. Then I take a deep breath and clear my thoughts to push aside the fear. […]

Death Cry

  Lost Mayru I return to Keesha’s ship, and share my memories of the Mayru, growers of stars, children of the star spirits.

“How will they help us defeat the Spiral, ina?” asks Dilasa.

“I don’t know,” I answer, frustrated, “but their destiny is tied up with ours.”

“Let’s look for a vision,” she suggests. […]

Childish Wisdom

  No Return Makish, Dilasa, and I stand naked in the transition chamber as it fills with warm seawater. The only sounds we hear are the movement of the water, and our breathing.

The three of us seem helpless as we stand here, but we can all bend the energy web to our will. Even […]

Shadow of Life and Death

  Blessings The corridor outside the transition chamber is small, and dark. In regular light, the queen’s glow is barely visible, but here, in the dim light, strong rays of colored light shine from the queen’s head and tentacles.

Keesha, Makish, the captain, and two senior officers meet us in the corridor. They are here […]

Forest – Change

  Shanir Fifty suns gone. The years run quickly, and the village changes. So big, and filled with children.

Soon the village will split. Villages must stay small, so everyone is known. This is our way.

My sister, Shanir, is in both councils. Like elder mother before her. Elder mother left this world two suns […]

Forest – Kindness and Killing

  The Love of Chiefs Our chief is a great man, powerful and smart. He loves children, and fights for his people like each one is his child. I am his nephew, but he treats me like a son. Every chief is commanded to see his people as children, but this chief lives it.

Tonight […]

Broken Dreams

  Broken I’m frozen, as I stare at the red eyes of the approaching Krale, a vicious expression on its hard stone face. This time, facing the Krale, Berek finds his voice, and screams an inhuman scream. The sound wakes me from my fear and paralysis.

I feel a storm inside me, wild energy flashing […]