Dream Room

  Hiding I feel safe in the Dreaming Room, and spend most of my time here. I sleep too much, even during the day. Shazira says I’m still healing. It may be true, but I feel I’m hiding from the rest of the Watchtower and the world beyond it. This room is a private space for Shazira and me, the guardians of the Watchtower. The room opens only for us, our daughter, and our guests. I chased after my daughter yesterday to meet her, and found her with her mother. Tzina smiled at me, but I was sent away, so Shazira could explain about travelers and Embu. Now, Tzina won’t look me in the eyes, or speak more than a few words in my presence. Shazira told Tzina that I’m still her father, but the smiles are gone.

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