The Twins The Jiku guards are gone, and the royal compound is nearly deserted. One Kizak guard brings him back to the ship, and returns his commdisk.

“This isn’t mine,” says Ilaz.

“It is,” says the guard. “I put it in the storage area myself, and no one else has been there.”

It […]


  Dragon Stone Siksa is rich with a beautiful, dark blue crystal called ensai, that glows softly in the dark. On land, the greatest concentration of the stone is in Bizra territory, under the meadows where the Bizra lived for centuries. In the ocean, the most visible deposit of ensai is found in three undersea […]

Worlds Within Worlds

  Death The bed is hard, and my head aches as sleep leaves me. A groan escapes my lips. I can’t remember who I am, or how I got here. My heart beats quickly as fear takes hold of me. Then I take a deep breath and clear my thoughts to push aside the fear. […]