Golden Circle

  First Circle I touch the beautiful polished stone of the training circle. Unchanged in a thousand years.

The circle is quiet. Chiwan and I stand here alone, far below ground, in the immense cavern. The stone circle is warm, and the air sweet.

Chiwan knows of twenty training patterns out of hundreds, or thousands. […]

Gen – Seven Towers

  First Tournament Vala and I hover, waiting, five hundred feet above the stadium, as the gates open. Another newborn Gen and her master hover near us. We watch the first rush of walkers, as they pass through the gates to get the best of the unreserved seats.

The arena where the Gen perform is […]

Dream Room

  Hiding I feel safe in the Dreaming Room, and spend most of my time here. I sleep too much, even during the day. Shazira says I’m still healing. It may be true, but I feel I’m hiding from the rest of the Watchtower and the world beyond it.

This room is a private space […]