Paths of the Towers

  Homesick I’m quiet as we enter the scout pod and rise toward Keesha’s ship. I smell the Fiklow pilot’s fear, and I can’t help but touch his thoughts. He wonders what I am. A Jiku wearing a Fiklow body? The shadow to the queen? Or a spirit from the world of the dead, come […]


  Geyfal’s Children “Identical twins, born thousands of years apart?!”

“I asked Sindar the same question,” he says. “He answered me with a gift of memories, taken from his father, and himself.” “It’s the story of how the brothers were born, in a universe that you and I have never seen.”

“I don’t have Sindar’s […]

Artifacts of Destruction

  The Threat The roof of the city, a thousand feet above us, is invisible at night, hidden behind an endless sea of bright stars.

By day, the crystal roof lets daylight pour through, to provide the city with a strong, even, light. At night, the crystal strengthens the natural starlight, until the roof is […]

Councils of War

  Council Hall The guild council meets in a tall white building, with a flat, radiant black roof, that shines like a dark star in the center of Kirol city. Once, before the energy war, there were buildings like this in many lands, but this is the last of the council halls. They were shaped […]

Last Dance

  Fountain My awareness spins as I leave the seven towers and my life as a Gen. Soon after, I awake in the small, cramped vat. My body has grown again, leaving my sisters, the old ones, behind.

The world is different after my time with the Gen. The future calls my name, and promises […]

Gen – Seven Towers

  First Tournament Vala and I hover, waiting, five hundred feet above the stadium, as the gates open. Another newborn Gen and her master hover near us. We watch the first rush of walkers, as they pass through the gates to get the best of the unreserved seats.

The arena where the Gen perform is […]