Sacrifice and Rebellion

  Keela and Ilaz We leave the shelter and return to the blue city. “Take us to the surface now, Yagrin,” says Niyta. “The Jiku need our help.”

“It’s dangerous there for the children.” “Leave them here with a few of the sisters.”

I turn to Hukal. “Can you contact your AIs?” “I need help […]


  Reunion “Prince Ilaz!” says Siya, the director of the research center. She’s about seventy years old, middle age for the Jiku.

“Director Siya, you’re still alive!”

She laughs. “You know I’m not that old.” “I missed you.” “I haven’t seen you in over ten years.” “You stopped coming, and then I heard you were […]

Strangers and their Gifts

  Unprepared “It’s going slowly, Berek,” says Keela. “We have no experience in manufacturing the carbon fibers.” “And we don’t have enough engineers to redesign the airships, weapons, and other devices to incorporate the material.”

“If only we had the shaping device that Mayla showed us,” thinks Berek. She never gave us plans for it, […]