Night Journey

  Night Wings Last light comes quickly, and the Watchtower fills the sky with light. We assemble in an open field behind my house, and leave our packs on the floor of the house’s deck. A few wispy clouds move slowly across the night sky, floating in the gentle winds.

It’s unusual and dangerous for […]

Gen – Bonds of Love

  Fortress A cycle passes, away from the school and Vala. My desire to be Gen fills me, stronger and stronger, but I miss Vala even more.

Most students are told to wait a cycle between classes, but Vala said that I could return in three months. The months are long past, and I haven’t […]

Gen – Test of Lies

  Waiting Test day. Twelve of us stand in the large, bare room at the school, and wait impatiently for Vala. Some distract themselves with practice, while others just talk.

Vala is fifteen minutes late, unthinkable on a test day. She is Gen. So different from us, we who are tied to our small, fragile […]

Gen – Hands of Power and Light

  Lines and Symbols A ring of buildings surrounds me, miles high. Sunlight flows down the edges of the buildings, through light pipes, and brighten the walkways far below. This is my city, the largest in the world. Today,it seems tiny, as I imagine the endless world that the Gen live in.

When I get […]

Broken Dreams

  Broken I’m frozen, as I stare at the red eyes of the approaching Krale, a vicious expression on its hard stone face. This time, facing the Krale, Berek finds his voice, and screams an inhuman scream. The sound wakes me from my fear and paralysis.

I feel a storm inside me, wild energy flashing […]