Night Journey

  Night Wings Last light comes quickly, and the Watchtower fills the sky with light. We assemble in an open field behind my house, and leave our packs on the floor of the house’s deck. A few wispy clouds move slowly across the night sky, floating in the gentle winds.

It’s unusual and dangerous for […]

Patterns of Life and Death II

  Blood and Light A high-pitched child’s scream fills the marketplace, and people yell for a healer.

The market woman looks around in fear. Her young daughter gone.

She runs toward the source of the scream, and I follow. A crowd circles a booth that sells sharp metal tools, and long knives.

The girl has […]

Patterns of Life and Death I


I open my eyes two hours before first light, surrounded by the sweet quiet, as the whole world sleeps. Today I’ll dance the greeting early, before Shazira even wakes, and leave before it’s light.

Shazira seems so sad the last few days, and so distant. She tries to hide her feelings from me, […]