Night Journey

  Night Wings Last light comes quickly, and the Watchtower fills the sky with light. We assemble in an open field behind my house, and leave our packs on the floor of the house’s deck. A few wispy clouds move slowly across the night sky, floating in the gentle winds.

It’s unusual and dangerous for […]

Dream Schools

  Artists The artist’s guild has one leader, one name, and pretends to be one guild, but it’s not. The guild binds together many familiar visual and performance arts: painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, digital imagery, story, theater, song, music, and dance. One art remains that only energy masters can perform. FlowSong, an art form built […]

Listening and Healing

  Listening My whole life, I’ve circled around a dream of healing, hiding from a voice that whispers: “You are born to heal.”

I’ve always been an outsider, looking through a window, at a clear, bright world, never finding my place, never reaching for the door. I am Yagrin now. There’s no more time for […]

Gen – Bonds of Love

  Fortress A cycle passes, away from the school and Vala. My desire to be Gen fills me, stronger and stronger, but I miss Vala even more.

Most students are told to wait a cycle between classes, but Vala said that I could return in three months. The months are long past, and I haven’t […]

Gen – Hands of Power and Light

  Lines and Symbols A ring of buildings surrounds me, miles high. Sunlight flows down the edges of the buildings, through light pipes, and brighten the walkways far below. This is my city, the largest in the world. Today,it seems tiny, as I imagine the endless world that the Gen live in.

When I get […]

Patterns of Life and Death II

  Blood and Light A high-pitched child’s scream fills the marketplace, and people yell for a healer.

The market woman looks around in fear. Her young daughter gone.

She runs toward the source of the scream, and I follow. A crowd circles a booth that sells sharp metal tools, and long knives.

The girl has […]

Patterns of Life and Death I


I open my eyes two hours before first light, surrounded by the sweet quiet, as the whole world sleeps. Today I’ll dance the greeting early, before Shazira even wakes, and leave before it’s light.

Shazira seems so sad the last few days, and so distant. She tries to hide her feelings from me, […]

Play and Practice

  Practice I love high cliffs that rise at the edge of the sea. The sea far below fills my eyes as the wind blows around me.

Today’s lesson and practice centers on binding things together. Not with rope or glue or nails, but with energy. Weavers bind objects together, through subtle changes to the […]

Master and Apprentice

  Morning Sleep and I are old friends. On other nights, I fall asleep easily, and little disturbs my sleep. Tonight, sleep comes and goes. I wake often, waiting for morning, and the start of my training.

I feel dull and clumsy when morning finally comes, and I begin the greeting of the light. Soon, […]

Hungry for Lightning

  Storms Breakfast in the kitchen with Tzina. She delights in watching me as I eat food I’ve never tasted before. So I let her choose my food for me.

I look out the large windows at the sky, wondering if another great storm will come today. It’s lightning season.

At night, everyone fears the […]