Partners of War

  Chasing Botzar My mind is still linked with Makish. Her thoughts are a mess.

Her emotions rise and fall and spin. She’s nearly in shock.

“I can’t find him, Yagrin,” she sobs. “The stasis fields are gone, but there’s no trace of Botzar or B’tzel.” “Maybe they died long ago,” she says quietly, her […]

Friends and Enemies

  Among the Enemy The night is quiet, except for the sound of gentle waves. I wake once to find that the Feldin treat me as one of their own, sleeping tightly against me, even on this warm night. Makish lies next to me, where she fell asleep, and Shazira and the children sleep nearby.


Artifacts of Destruction

  The Threat The roof of the city, a thousand feet above us, is invisible at night, hidden behind an endless sea of bright stars.

By day, the crystal roof lets daylight pour through, to provide the city with a strong, even, light. At night, the crystal strengthens the natural starlight, until the roof is […]

Birth of the Balancer

  Fountain of Light A round crystal table, red and gold, is spread with food – fish, fruits, and vegetables. We sit for a meal, and Mayla tells us more about the city. When we finish, she hands us communication disks.

“The disks display maps of the city,” she says, “and an index of different […]

City of Life

  Life and Light “It’s time to show you the city,” says Mayla.

I hear the sound of crashing waves as an image fills the room: a small barren island, surrounded by sharp reefs.

“What do you see?” asks Mayla.

“The island that the city rests on,” answers Berek, “empty, as we saw it from […]

Messengers of War

  Mayla Shilann spoke of a machine that guards the city, but he called it, she.

It appears where Shilann sat, but is it woman, or machine? What does a machine need with a beautiful smile, clothes that sparkle, and long, shiny, red hair?

She rises and walks toward us with a grace that reminds […]