Oceans of Fire and Light

  A Good Death Dilasa and I walk again on Sinesu, among shattered, blood-stained pieces of Sindar’s monument. Nearby, one of the large, automated weapons sits, quiet and dark. Part of the vision has come true Wisten is dead and the monument gone, but the town survives with little damage, and we’ve driven away the […]

Desert Fountains

  Shared Vision “What did you find, Yagrin?” asks Keesha.

“The Fiklow spirits and the queen are here, trapped by artifact energy.” “When the artifact is anywhere on Gunal, it causes them intense mental anguish.”

“Are you saying, Yagrin,” asks Keesha, “that the spirits don’t want the artifact here?” “Where else should we put it?!”


Forest – Change

  Shanir Fifty suns gone. The years run quickly, and the village changes. So big, and filled with children.

Soon the village will split. Villages must stay small, so everyone is known. This is our way.

My sister, Shanir, is in both councils. Like elder mother before her. Elder mother left this world two suns […]