Miracles of Childhood

  A Small Child The forest is too quiet with Sindar gone. Dilasa and I sit together on the soft ground, holding hands, surrounded by a thick, grey fog. I hear the light rain, far above us, as it falls on the forest’s dense canopy of trees. The quiet is broken by a gentle sobbing, […]

Endless Change

  One Solution The Bizra move away from us in a great synchronized wave, like a wind moving a field of flowers. They leave the sand behind, going deep into the meadow.

“How do we heal their nightmares?” asks Shazira.

“We can’t,” says Ehraval, behind us. “The Bizra hearts and minds are sealed tightly […]

Night Journey

  Night Wings Last light comes quickly, and the Watchtower fills the sky with light. We assemble in an open field behind my house, and leave our packs on the floor of the house’s deck. A few wispy clouds move slowly across the night sky, floating in the gentle winds.

It’s unusual and dangerous for […]

Dream Schools

  Artists The artist’s guild has one leader, one name, and pretends to be one guild, but it’s not. The guild binds together many familiar visual and performance arts: painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, digital imagery, story, theater, song, music, and dance. One art remains that only energy masters can perform. FlowSong, an art form built […]

Listening and Healing

  Listening My whole life, I’ve circled around a dream of healing, hiding from a voice that whispers: “You are born to heal.”

I’ve always been an outsider, looking through a window, at a clear, bright world, never finding my place, never reaching for the door. I am Yagrin now. There’s no more time for […]

Gifts and Mastery – 2

  A Different Path My life turns toward Flow, and becomes filled with masks and transformations. There are five hundred common masks to learn.

I know a little about energy masks. Shazira once taught me how to shape a mask and float it on my energy body. It covers the pattern body like a golden […]

Gifts and Mastery

  Away The city fades, and the weight of the world falls away – wars, schedules, and questions. Shazira, Tzina, and I escape it all for three days, hiding from an uncertain future. Talking, traveling, and laughing together.

We open our hearts to each other, trying to forget a long year apart. Our time together […]

Bound to Life

  The Living and the Dead I wake alone in the round, soft bed, surrounded by my childhood home. I’ve slept here for the last few days. It’s so strange and familiar at the same time.

Sleep slides away. I walk out onto the porch, and fill my lungs will the cool morning air. I […]

Gen – Test of Lies

  Waiting Test day. Twelve of us stand in the large, bare room at the school, and wait impatiently for Vala. Some distract themselves with practice, while others just talk.

Vala is fifteen minutes late, unthinkable on a test day. She is Gen. So different from us, we who are tied to our small, fragile […]

Broken Dreams

  Broken I’m frozen, as I stare at the red eyes of the approaching Krale, a vicious expression on its hard stone face. This time, facing the Krale, Berek finds his voice, and screams an inhuman scream. The sound wakes me from my fear and paralysis.

I feel a storm inside me, wild energy flashing […]