A Wave of Flowers

  Dream Stage “The dream begins,” announces a woman’s voice. The stadium lights dim, and we find ourselves in a large cave filled with fog.

“What is this, Keela?” I whisper.

“Illusion, Master Yagrin.” “The stadium is still here, but you can’t see it.”

“The performers have built a stream of three-dimensional images and experiences […]

Day into Night

  A Gen Day I love dawn in the Watchtower. I stand outside, on the deck, just before dawn, Shazira by my side. She is too quiet, caught inside herself, thinking of Tzina.

When dawn arrives, the sky darkens. The sun’s light at dawn is dim, compared to the Watchtower’s brilliant light which stops with […]

Dream Schools

  Artists The artist’s guild has one leader, one name, and pretends to be one guild, but it’s not. The guild binds together many familiar visual and performance arts: painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, digital imagery, story, theater, song, music, and dance. One art remains that only energy masters can perform. FlowSong, an art form built […]