Colors of the Heart

A Free Heart   Late at night, the inside of the ship is quiet and dark, in the areas where the pilgrims sleep. The elders keep a close watch on the pilgrims, enforcing a rigid schedule, with an early bedtime.

The common rooms for the crew are bright and noisy, hours after the pilgrims have […]

Desert Fountains

  Shared Vision “What did you find, Yagrin?” asks Keesha.

“The Fiklow spirits and the queen are here, trapped by artifact energy.” “When the artifact is anywhere on Gunal, it causes them intense mental anguish.”

“Are you saying, Yagrin,” asks Keesha, “that the spirits don’t want the artifact here?” “Where else should we put it?!”


The Heart and the River

  The Dome of Dreams I turn, and leap into the darkness.

Night whispers to me, and challenges me to stay awake. I run into the meadow, and fly in a spiral, five hundred feet high. The meadow below me extends for miles, and sleeping Bizra fill the meadow. There are thousands, or millions of […]

Last Dance

  Fountain My awareness spins as I leave the seven towers and my life as a Gen. Soon after, I awake in the small, cramped vat. My body has grown again, leaving my sisters, the old ones, behind.

The world is different after my time with the Gen. The future calls my name, and promises […]