Orphans Wisten and I walk together, while Makish and the others move among the crowd. On Siksa, we no longer celebrate Sindar’s day, but here, on Sinesu, it’s the happiest day of the year.

The town square is filled with every type of food and entertainment. We wander from place to place, enjoying the […]


  Home Sinesu waits, the home planet of the Jiku. Makish and I watch it on the viewer as Keesha’s ship completes its first orbit.

I’ve never been there, but I can feel its soft dirt beneath my feet, and taste its sweet air.

How? I can’t explain it, but the memories are mine.


Artifacts of Destruction

  The Threat The roof of the city, a thousand feet above us, is invisible at night, hidden behind an endless sea of bright stars.

By day, the crystal roof lets daylight pour through, to provide the city with a strong, even, light. At night, the crystal strengthens the natural starlight, until the roof is […]