Reunion “Prince Ilaz!” says Siya, the director of the research center. She’s about seventy years old, middle age for the Jiku.

“Director Siya, you’re still alive!”

She laughs. “You know I’m not that old.” “I missed you.” “I haven’t seen you in over ten years.” “You stopped coming, and then I heard you were […]

Dreams of Life and Death

  Paths of Healing The airship flies toward the school, only minutes away. “Ilaz looks terrible,” says Keela.

Berek scans him. “He’s gotten worse.” “His pattern body was damaged when I drove out the alien.” Berek streams healing energy over Ilaz, but the energy has little effect.

“His breathing is so weak,” says Keela. “Have […]

King’s Son

  One Song I carry the twins to the school. Hukal and my family follow. The crowd of children moves aside as we pass, and refuses to look me in the eye.

Niyta catches up to me, and leads us to a large empty room, where the whole school eats together. She sits us in […]