Hidden Dreams

  Hidden The Kishla are strange creatures, caught between the physical and energy worlds. Their eyes see well in day or night, and their vision is always half-focused on the energy web.

Time feels different to us while we wear this form. The waves seem endless on the ocean beneath us, as we fly. Hours […]

Day into Night

  A Gen Day I love dawn in the Watchtower. I stand outside, on the deck, just before dawn, Shazira by my side. She is too quiet, caught inside herself, thinking of Tzina.

When dawn arrives, the sky darkens. The sun’s light at dawn is dim, compared to the Watchtower’s brilliant light which stops with […]

Lessons and Betrayal

  Twin Visions The brief contact with the Jiku sphere of mirrors takes my strength. I feel the smooth stone under my Jiku body, as my awareness returns to the marketplace, but only for a moment, just before I collapse. I sleep, but without peace. A vision comes and takes me.

I fly quickly through […]


  Free for a Moment I love flying, being light and strong and free. It brings me joy, even with all the thoughts of loss and doubt that drag me down.

Keela is annoyed with me. She tries to hide it, but I feel it. She wants us to fly fast and straight to the […]

Ghosts of the Future

  Eyes Open I love the feeling of falling free. The air rushes by me as I fall, and the world comes up to greet me. The six hundred feet to the ocean will vanish in seconds.

This small body is strong, but I won’t survive the fall. I push aside the thoughts of death, […]

Fears and Legends

Fear and Exile The air is filled with sound today, a strange hum. I mention it to Shazira when she wakes, but she hears nothing. The sound waits in the background during the greeting. Then it follows me around the Watchtower as I get ready for the day. It’s a pleasant companion, not dark or […]