Sacrifice and Rebellion

  Keela and Ilaz We leave the shelter and return to the blue city. “Take us to the surface now, Yagrin,” says Niyta. “The Jiku need our help.”

“It’s dangerous there for the children.” “Leave them here with a few of the sisters.”

I turn to Hukal. “Can you contact your AIs?” “I need help […]

Allies and Enemies

  Home Watchtower island is two hundred fifty feet across, a circle of rock surrounded by a strip of sand. No more than a dot in the ocean, if not for the thin, sharp mountain that rises a thousand feet before leveling off, and the tower that rests on top.

Few Jiku have seen the […]

Far From Home

  Ancient Wars Months have gone by. When I left the Veezal, I went back to the star where the captured probe was last seen. Since then, I’ve searched through many of the inhabited worlds along this arm of the galaxy. The worlds here are unsophisticated technologically, and know little of energy ways. Many have […]