Illusions “I became the king that Benzu always wanted to be,” says Botzar, as the memories end.

“Why did you leave Makish behind when you became king?” I ask him.

Botzar glares at me. “The memory is finished, but the story isn’t complete.”

“When I left the silver falls, I didn’t know what to […]

Mind Weaving

  Surprise The sisters and I return with Chiwan to the ballroom, and rejoin my family, the king, and a few prominent guests.

“I assume, Master Yagrin,” says the king gravely, “that Keela told you I don’t like surprises.”

Niyta steps between us, before I can respond. “Commander, please don’t be angry with us.” “We […]

Spinning Sword

  Flying High We fly together from the barren lands toward Tshuan. You can see a person’s heart by watching how high they fly.

Some fly close to the ground, just high enough to clear obstacles. They fly, but they’re afraid that if they get too far from the ground, they’ll never be able to […]