Stories and Mirrors

  Shields and Mirrors The old Krale are gone, but will new ones be born tomorrow? I rise again to the top of the dome, and look at the scene below with energy eyes. A silver energy shell spins around each Bizra. The shell is made of twelve silver disks, that move independently. These are […]

A Quiet Storm

  Silence Tzina and I approach the Blue Room, the room of art, music, and story. She stops and turns to me. “Ina, your tests are in a few hours.” “Shouldn’t you be practicing?”

“I’m done with practice, Tzina.” “Tell me about your friend Berek.”

“Ina,” she says, “I shouldn’t have mentioned him to you.” […]

Hungry for Lightning

  Storms Breakfast in the kitchen with Tzina. She delights in watching me as I eat food I’ve never tasted before. So I let her choose my food for me.

I look out the large windows at the sky, wondering if another great storm will come today. It’s lightning season.

At night, everyone fears the […]