Gifts and Mastery – 2

  A Different Path My life turns toward Flow, and becomes filled with masks and transformations. There are five hundred common masks to learn.

I know a little about energy masks. Shazira once taught me how to shape a mask and float it on my energy body. It covers the pattern body like a golden […]

Gifts and Mastery

  Away The city fades, and the weight of the world falls away – wars, schedules, and questions. Shazira, Tzina, and I escape it all for three days, hiding from an uncertain future. Talking, traveling, and laughing together.

We open our hearts to each other, trying to forget a long year apart. Our time together […]

Master and Apprentice

  Morning Sleep and I are old friends. On other nights, I fall asleep easily, and little disturbs my sleep. Tonight, sleep comes and goes. I wake often, waiting for morning, and the start of my training.

I feel dull and clumsy when morning finally comes, and I begin the greeting of the light. Soon, […]