Peace and Destruction

  Power Filarin’s cave is hidden within the ring, a circle of mountains that once surrounded a lush plateau home to Taluk, the most beautiful city of the old kingdom. When Botzar used the sword, it erased every trace of the city, leaving an unnaturally thick forest always covered by clouds. Within the trees is […]

Into the Storm

  Action The storm covers me, as I hover alone far above the ground, safe within my shield. I smile with pleasure as lightning bursts all around me, every few seconds. There’s no fear, only a feeling of kinship with the wild forces playing in the sky. I stay in one place for a few […]

Messengers of War

  Mayla Shilann spoke of a machine that guards the city, but he called it, she.

It appears where Shilann sat, but is it woman, or machine? What does a machine need with a beautiful smile, clothes that sparkle, and long, shiny, red hair?

She rises and walks toward us with a grace that reminds […]

Golden Circle

  First Circle I touch the beautiful polished stone of the training circle. Unchanged in a thousand years.

The circle is quiet. Chiwan and I stand here alone, far below ground, in the immense cavern. The stone circle is warm, and the air sweet.

Chiwan knows of twenty training patterns out of hundreds, or thousands. […]