Secrets of the Game

  Games of Fire and Ice While we eat, and during the blessing that follows, Tzina’s face is troubled. She takes me aside and whispers, “Ina, I need to speak with you alone.”

“Open your mind shield,” I tell her, “and I’ll touch your thoughts.”

“No.” “Let’s go to your circle, away from the others.” […]

Council of Fear

  Shipwrecks A strong breeze greets me at the railing of the deck. The sun is high overhead, and the sky clear, as I look beyond the sea, to the high tower of the council building in Kirol.

Time to go.

I rise alone from the Watchtower, and activate my gliding shield. The breeze on […]

Mind Weaving

  Surprise The sisters and I return with Chiwan to the ballroom, and rejoin my family, the king, and a few prominent guests.

“I assume, Master Yagrin,” says the king gravely, “that Keela told you I don’t like surprises.”

Niyta steps between us, before I can respond. “Commander, please don’t be angry with us.” “We […]

Walls of Light

  Rain My Bizra body is so far away. I see it floating in the vat, but I can’t reach it.

When I was an old one, it was easy to wake up from the vat. Not this time.

I hear Niyta calling me, and I start to feel my body. My eyes won’t open, […]