Sounds of Healing

  NightGlows “It’s dark outside,” says Dilasa, “but Tshuan looks as bright as day on the ship’s view-screen.”

“The ship can see in the dark,” says Berek, “and it creates a daytime image for us.”

“Why are we approaching slowly?” asks Shazira. “We could be there already!”

“I can keep Ina’s body alive for now, […]

Play and Practice

  Practice I love high cliffs that rise at the edge of the sea. The sea far below fills my eyes as the wind blows around me.

Today’s lesson and practice centers on binding things together. Not with rope or glue or nails, but with energy. Weavers bind objects together, through subtle changes to the […]

Sweet Music

  Clear Morning A voice pulls me out of sleep. “Wake up, Yagrin.” “It’s almost time for the greeting.”

The world feels thick and dull as I try to rise. Why am I so tired?

I’m alone a few minutes later when I finally get out of bed, but I hear Shazira and Tzina on […]