Peace and Destruction

  Power Filarin’s cave is hidden within the ring, a circle of mountains that once surrounded a lush plateau home to Taluk, the most beautiful city of the old kingdom. When Botzar used the sword, it erased every trace of the city, leaving an unnaturally thick forest always covered by clouds. Within the trees is […]


  Safe Return “They’re close!” shouts Niyta.

“Is Shazira there?” asks Dilasa, nervous.

“There are two dragons,” says Niyta, “probably Shazira and Ilaz, moving impossibly fast.” “The rest of the group are still Jiku.” “But I don’t understand how Shazira can pull the group, and move like that.” “She isn’t even an energy weaver.”

“Maybe […]

Maze of Time

  Danger I wake Shazira and the children, hours before first sun, to begin the trip home. The building is quiet, except for a few guards who greet us as we move through the halls.

Makish and Chiwan will stay here, for now, to watch over the sisters.

The outer doorway is sealed when we […]

Sword, Sheath, and Shield

  Families Makish and I land on the deck of the Watchtower outside the healing room. As I walk through the door, Tzina hugs me tightly.

“I missed you so much, ina,” she says.

I smile at her. “I was only gone for a day!”

“I know,” she says, “but I was lost in my […]

Lessons and Betrayal

  Twin Visions The brief contact with the Jiku sphere of mirrors takes my strength. I feel the smooth stone under my Jiku body, as my awareness returns to the marketplace, but only for a moment, just before I collapse. I sleep, but without peace. A vision comes and takes me.

I fly quickly through […]