Children of War

  Forever Young Berek and I wear the same style party robes, but in different colors. I’m not used to so much color, but it’s common in Tshuan.

This elegant pattern of cobalt blue, gold, and black caught me, the moment I first saw it. The fabric weighs almost nothing.

Why am I here at […]

Play and Practice

  Practice I love high cliffs that rise at the edge of the sea. The sea far below fills my eyes as the wind blows around me.

Today’s lesson and practice centers on binding things together. Not with rope or glue or nails, but with energy. Weavers bind objects together, through subtle changes to the […]

Tzina’s Laugh

  The Traveler and the Sea I sit in the indigo room, a place for sleeping and dreaming. Shazira brings me a learning dome, and explains how to use it.

The dome is flexible and clear, and feels like silicon rubber. I close my eyes and fit the learning dome over the top of my […]