Childish Wisdom

  No Return Makish, Dilasa, and I stand naked in the transition chamber as it fills with warm seawater. The only sounds we hear are the movement of the water, and our breathing.

The three of us seem helpless as we stand here, but we can all bend the energy web to our will. Even […]

Shadow of Life and Death

  Blessings The corridor outside the transition chamber is small, and dark. In regular light, the queen’s glow is barely visible, but here, in the dim light, strong rays of colored light shine from the queen’s head and tentacles.

Keesha, Makish, the captain, and two senior officers meet us in the corridor. They are here […]

Desert Fountains

  Shared Vision “What did you find, Yagrin?” asks Keesha.

“The Fiklow spirits and the queen are here, trapped by artifact energy.” “When the artifact is anywhere on Gunal, it causes them intense mental anguish.”

“Are you saying, Yagrin,” asks Keesha, “that the spirits don’t want the artifact here?” “Where else should we put it?!”


Circles of Sorrow

  Approach The ship travels outside of normal space. Rings of energy spin around us, with tiny blue sparks striking the ship, again, and again.

It takes hours to reach the rendezvous point with Fwitay’s commander. Makish and I stay in the cargo hold of the old Jiku ship, as we travel.

I flow some […]