The Heart and the River

  The Dome of Dreams I turn, and leap into the darkness. Night whispers to me, and challenges me to stay awake. I run into the meadow, and fly in a spiral, five hundred feet high. The meadow below me extends for miles, and sleeping Bizra fill the meadow. There are thousands, or millions of Bizra. My eyes see clearly in the darkness. The sleeping Bizra have a gentle glow, and a cloud of moving images, ten feet high, hovers over each one. To my energy eyes, each cloud is a cluster of energy, floating on the great web. Sparkling lines of energy race from each cloud of images to the next. A dome of energy rises, a thousand feet high, and covers all of the Bizra, and their dreams. To free the Bizra from their Krale dreams, I must become their heart, and free the energies trapped within them….

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