Sounds of Healing

“It’s dark outside,” says Dilasa, “but Tshuan looks as bright as day on the ship’s view-screen.”

“The ship can see in the dark,” says Berek, “and it creates a daytime image for us.”

“Why are we approaching slowly?” asks Shazira.
“We could be there already!”

“I can keep Ina’s body alive for now, and I’m trying to hide our approach.”
“I don’t want the Tshuans to know how powerful this little ship is.”
“Let them think that it’s a simple airship, of an unusual design.”

“The ship hides itself, Berek,” says Shazira.

“Yes, but when we move quickly … Read more

Fading Light

The world rejects us, as we hover in the sky above the city.
Lightning, thunder and rain are everywhere.
The storm tries to crush us, and take us down.

Dilasa grabs hold of me, frightened by the raw energy.
“We’re safe little one,” I tell her, “as long as we stay within my shield.”

She still holds me tightly, pretending to be an ordinary little girl.
I see past the fear, and remember the one who calls down the strength of the stars.
A few days ago, she was covered in courage, and saved me from the Spiral.… Read more