Dreams of Life and Death

  Paths of Healing The airship flies toward the school, only minutes away. “Ilaz looks terrible,” says Keela.

Berek scans him. “He’s gotten worse.” “His pattern body was damaged when I drove out the alien.” Berek streams healing energy over Ilaz, but the energy has little effect.

“His breathing is so weak,” says Keela. “Have […]

Wrapped in Storms

  Shields We walk together on the mountain, enjoying the cool breeze. Berek stops and looks confused when I remove his energy shield.

“Why did you dissolve the shield, ina?” he asks. “I can’t fly without it.”

“Your next practice will be without a shield, but you won’t be doing much flying.”

I take him […]

City of Life

  Life and Light “It’s time to show you the city,” says Mayla.

I hear the sound of crashing waves as an image fills the room: a small barren island, surrounded by sharp reefs.

“What do you see?” asks Mayla.

“The island that the city rests on,” answers Berek, “empty, as we saw it from […]

Stories and Mirrors

  Shields and Mirrors The old Krale are gone, but will new ones be born tomorrow? I rise again to the top of the dome, and look at the scene below with energy eyes. A silver energy shell spins around each Bizra. The shell is made of twelve silver disks, that move independently. These are […]