Truth and Lies The message wall is covered with hundreds of clustered video links, categorized by the search AI with different colors, textures, brightness, size, shapes, and icons, to characterize the words and emotions within. New messages appear on the wall as I watch, and move toward the clusters where they belong.

The memories […]

Ghosts of the Future

  Eyes Open I love the feeling of falling free. The air rushes by me as I fall, and the world comes up to greet me. The six hundred feet to the ocean will vanish in seconds.

This small body is strong, but I won’t survive the fall. I push aside the thoughts of death, […]

The Necklace and the Wizard

  Hiding from the Energy Web Keela and I land on a high hill, its sides covered in blue and yellow wildflowers. A few small houses cover the top of the hill, surrounded by a high wall.

The houses and the wall are decorated with the royal symbol, in dark blue and gold.

“This is […]