Stories and Mirrors

  Shields and Mirrors The old Krale are gone, but will new ones be born tomorrow? I rise again to the top of the dome, and look at the scene below with energy eyes. A silver energy shell spins around each Bizra. The shell is made of twelve silver disks, that move independently. These are […]

Dark Song 2

  Crossroads I look at Ehraval, and the darkness that covers his eyes. What secrets hide within?

I find the black energy well that always circles around me. I dip energy hands in the well, and bathe my eyes, over and over. I turn toward Ehraval. Thick darkness pours out of my eyes, and covers […]

Dark Song 1

  Watchtower’s Song My steps echo as I walk through the empty Watchtower. The visitors are all gone for Meesa, the day of joy. Everyone gathers with family or close friends to celebrate the wonder of life, and the joy it brings. Everyone, but me. One guardian must always remain with the tower.

Shazira eats […]

Dream Schools

  Artists The artist’s guild has one leader, one name, and pretends to be one guild, but it’s not. The guild binds together many familiar visual and performance arts: painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, digital imagery, story, theater, song, music, and dance. One art remains that only energy masters can perform. FlowSong, an art form built […]