Miracles of Childhood

A Small Child
The forest is too quiet with Sindar gone.
Dilasa and I sit together on the soft ground, holding hands, surrounded by a thick, grey fog.
I hear the light rain, far above us, as it falls on the forest’s dense canopy of trees.
The quiet is broken by a gentle sobbing, near me.

“What’s wrong, little one?”

“We just met him, but he’s gone, and I miss him.”

I look in her eyes, and realize that I feel the same way.
Sindar passed through our lives like a falling star.
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Stone Rising

The Eighth Hill
My Jiku eyes adjust quickly to the bright sunlight.
It’s wonderful to see the sky again, and this open, endless world, but I turn my attention back to freeing the old ones.
They don’t have much time.

I scan the hills around me, looking for a place to grow another hill.

Six of the hills form a ring, a mile wide, with the seventh hill at the center of the ring.
The top of the center hill is a hundred feet shorter than the other hills, with a flat top, called the clearing.

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